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why would you invest in a holistic practitioner or coach?

This is a valid question to ask especially with a vast amount of different services, practitioners, and therapists out there.

In this blog, I want to share with you some benefits of working with a holistic practitioner and what to consider before investing your money.

The word holistic stems from whole how does that applies to the field of coaching, health, and therapy.

to put it in a nutshell there are two different perspectives on the human body, health, and  Dis-ease.

the dominant narrative within the medical system that treats symptoms and diseases in isolation from the person. This would be called an allopathic approach based on the definition that health equals the absence of disease.

On the contrary, a holistic approach looks at the person that has acquired a Dis-ease and the goal here is to support healing by establishing the right conditions and environment for optimal health & wellbeing.

Optimal Health in this approach means restoring function physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is also not a generalized term because optimal function varies between a person and their life circumstances.

A busy CEO that loves to participate in triathlons needs a different level of function than a mother of 3 who enjoys quiet family walks.

Now that we clarified the difference what are the benefits of working holistically?


Feeling seen, heard and respected

We all have a need to express safely what is going on in our life. to share our challenges and to be met with respect. 

You are a Human being first and foremost and I want you to be treated as one.

Thats why I ask a lot of questions in the beginning of working together to create a comprehensive assessment of your present life and your history.

that is why I allow 60minutes for my appointments to allow that space, that safety and quality.


working with the body as a system of systems:

You are not just a hand or foot, a collection of independent bones and muscles…

You are a very complex and unique living body created out of subsystems.

In the presence of Dis-ease we identify which of those systems might be overworked and to address multiple areas at once to have the best impact in restoring wellbeing.

thats why the programs include, movement, lifestyle, nutrition, meditation and other tools to bring you back to balance as fast as possible.


Its not about fixing what’s broken its about educating for a life of wellbeing

Since you are not a Car I wouldn’t call you broken if you acquire an injury or are in pain.

When your body is not working as you are used to there is always a lesson to be learnt.

In my work I teach my clients to listen to the pain, to reflect on what has happened and to connect the dots.

After we have found more clarity and assessed the situation thoroughly we can then start to educate or body and mind with more beneficial ways of moving, living and thinking to come out of an injury or challenge stronger and wiser than before.

You will learn tools and skills for life that you can apply over and over again.


Are you on the fence of reaching out for support for a health challenge that your going through?

Do you feel like your body is not able to recover from an injury or do you want to move with more ease and strength through life?

Do you want to improve at your sport or favourite activity but don’t know where to start


book a free discovery call today and lets find out if I can support you