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Hey Team, 

have you ever tried to tighten a screw using a hammer?

Of course not right?

then why are we applying that kind of approach to how we move or take care of our bodies so often?

Let me make this a bit more clear.

I see a lot of clients with shoulder, elbow & wrist injuries at the moment.

So you could spend a lot of time on YouTube looking for answers or solutions to fix this – I’ve been there and done that and I love YouTube as a resource once you have clarity on what you are looking for/ need.

back to the shoulder example let’s say that the flare-ups or aggregation that the client experiences stems from an unstable joint and the body’s response is to lock up the muscles around the joint to stabilise. – in the experience of the client it feels painful and tight so stretching might appear as a valid solution.

Now if we know that the joint is unstable we don’t want to blindly apply stretches or cool things we find on the internet because this could make things worse not better and lead to more frustration along the road.

The advantage that I offer my clients is that I assess before I prescribe a program/solution that way we have clarity on what the cause of pain/tension is and can apply the right tool ( eg. stretch, release, strength & stability, lifestyle, and behavior modification or supplementation).

Assessing instead of guessing is the name of the game! something that is crucial for success and often comes short these days!

If you want support with your posture/ rehab/prehab or conditioning type posture into the live chat and I’ll be in touch. Alternatively, give me a call 021 02236554

I can take in a few extra clients at the moment.