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About me


Hello and welcome to Foundation You – I’m Martin Gebhardt and I’m happy you’ve found me!

I am known for my work as a yoga teacher/group facilitator, movement, lifestyle and embodiment coach and myofascial release and deep tissue massage practitioner.

People come to me with all sorts of “stuff”, but I am best known for my integrated holistic approach to wellbeing. I’ve named my business Foundation You as my approach supports people with high amounts of stress, emotional/personal blockages or pain & tension to create the foundation for a more balanced, pain free and meaningful life.

Online Classes & Coaching


Online and In-Person classes including a restorative mix of Yoga Asanas, breathing techniques and holistic movement to enhance your wellbeing and your sense of feeling home in your body.


Stop running on autopilot and get behind the steering wheel of your life. In order to build a house that lasts against the forces of time & nature you need a solid foundation.


Myofascial Release/Acute Care & Deep Tissue Massage – an effective hands-on treatment that involves applying gentle sustained pressure and slow stretching movement into the myofascial connective tissue to relieve pain and tension, improve posture and to balance the whole body system.

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What People Are Saying

“I got to know Martin in the sports course as a trainer.  His sensitive perception of movement patterns is remarkably pleasant.  Due to his constant curiosity and further training in the field of healing, he has also become a contact person for me in this area.  I find that it is easy to build a relationship of trust with Martin.  He is an attentive therapist who looks behind the symptoms.  He has, for example, questioned my constant lumbar vertebrae complaints more closely and has given me very good impulses as a coach to question and dissolve corresponding thought patterns!  He estimated the time frame of the exercises to be very well realizable for me to ensure sustainability.  I appreciate Martin’s work very much and I am grateful for our encounters!”

– Maja W

“I wanted to contact you to tell you that I had ‘the best’ sleep on Saturday night and woke yesterday morning in an almost pain free state!!!!!! As the day wore on I felt a few niggles in different parts but mostly rested, did your few exercises from the videos and then had another good sleep last night and feel good today. As the problem has been there for so long and ongoing I am aware that I am going to have to take small steps but for the present time I feel you have taken the correct approach for me and for that I am really grateful.”

– Diane H

“ I had been suffering for 2 weeks from an extremely painful right shoulder that I had hurt from doing an exercise. I had tried gentle stretches, but it kept giving sharp pain, when I lifted my arm above my head etc. I had one session with Martin and he worked on releasing the tightness and pain from my shoulder. This was the first time I had ever had any osteo or physical therapy and I was amazed to see how much this helped. My shoulder had felt very tight at the start of the session and I went away feeling much better. The pain was less and then by another four days I woke up and realised that it felt completely better! I highly recommend Martin to everyone now, he was very professional and my shoulder released and was healed because of him.”

 – Anneke White

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