About me


Hello and welcome to Foundation You – I’m Martin Gebhardt and I’m happy you’ve found me!

I am known for my work as a yoga teacher/group facilitator, movement, lifestyle and embodiment coach and myofascial release and deep tissue massage practitioner.

People come to me with all sorts of “stuff”, but I am best known for my integrated holistic approach to wellbeing. I’ve named my business Foundation You as my approach supports people with high amounts of stress, emotional/personal blockages or pain & tension to create the foundation for a more balanced, pain free and meaningful life.

As I’ve worked across so many arenas, it can be difficult to define what exactly it is I do. However, these days I feel most excited and inspired in my role as a holistic movement, embodiment & lifestyle coach. I have also been helping a lot of people find freedom from pain through Myofascial Release Massage. Doing this work alongside an awesome team at Mangawhai Osteopathy has me feeling very fulfilled!

I have a deep need to understand the why behind challenges that I or my clients face. I like to think outside of the box and constantly improve my way of working and living, even if that means asking the tough questions.

What matters the most to me is to not put labels or boxes around people and situations. I believe that finding the courage to look at underlying feelings, thought patterns and challenges that we face as individuals allows us to express our unique personality to enrich the world with our individual gifts.

I like to give space for my clients to come home to themselves and their body. I work with scientific and practical tools while also inviting creativity and wonder into the mix.

I weave the following important principles into all the work I do

You don’t have a body, you are a body. Your body is your temple, your foundation!

Our whole life’s experiences are stored within our body, tissues and cells. The way we live our lives and the decisions we make are reflected in our physiology and our posture. How we think and feel directly affects how we look in our body. Long story short, the mind and the body are one!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a felt sense of that inseparable connection? 

To know more about how you can nurture your body and mind with the right movement, thinking and tools to face the unknown challenges of life?

What is your dream? What do you want to experience in this lifetime?

Without a dream, goal or objective we just float around aimlessly in a state of trance or passiveness. We live a life making other people happy and rich and forgetting why we are here in the first place.

If you have this feeling of “this needs to change” or “this rings true for me”, let’s chat – I may be able to help!

Starting where you are at.

Creating a felt sense of knowing where you stand in any situation is one of the most powerful assets to have in life. It enables you to move step by step with clarity being realistic about where your current abilities and resources are and choosing the path towards your dreams and goals.

Often people overestimate their abilities or underestimate them. They don’t know where they are and all they see is a mountain of problems or a loop of repeating chores or activities that crush every sense of freedom or choice.

Having this embodied sense of starting where you are is the first step towards any change in your life.