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Today, I am reflecting on why I began my journey into becoming a therapist, coach, and educator around chronic pain, rehabilitation, and holistic wellness (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

Personal Journey with Pain

Like many of my clients, I once struggled with chronic pain in my lower back, knees, ankles, and wrists. In Germany, I sought treatment from various esteemed healthcare professionals. However, I felt frustrated and let down by the lack of empathy, rushed appointments, and superficial assessments. Many diagnoses were made based on assumptions.

Observations on Healthcare Systems

This is not an attack on individual professionals—I have met many excellent healthcare practitioners. Rather, it highlights systemic issues in practices that do not adequately serve patients or clients.

Exploring Approaches to Well-being

This experience led me to explore both Western and Eastern approaches to well-being. I have since healed my pain and integrated those methods into my practice.

My Unique Approach

If there’s one element that differentiates my approach from conventional healthcare systems, it’s the time taken to properly assess multiple systems of the client (e.g., physiological, musculoskeletal, emotional, and mental). This approach is grounded in my studies at the CHEK Institute, founded by Paul Chek.

Comprehensive Assessments and Continuous Monitoring

To give a clear comparison, my initial assessments take between 2-3 hours, compared to the 30-60 minutes typical in other clinics. Additionally, I conduct regular reassessments, use questionnaires, and, if needed, refer clients to other practitioners to establish a clear baseline for our work together.

Commitment to Excellence

I chose to study at Paul Chek’s Institute because I found that its holistic perspective aligned with my own understanding of the body in balance. My goal as a business owner and therapist is to offer a reliable, specific, and consistent service. My clients deserve outstanding service and the full attention of a healthcare professional who listens assesses, and suggests solutions tailored to their needs.

Reach Out for Support

If you’re seeking help and support and want an approach that dedicates time to you and tailors the program to your needs, reach out to book a discovery call. Let’s see if we’re a good fit.