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Foundation you helps you to create a pain free, strong and balanced body & mind so that you can live more fully

Foundation you is where your journey into holistic wellness starts.

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C.H.E.K. Integrated Movement Science and Holistic Lifestyle coaching packages.

The Foundation You packages.
3, 6 or 12 months of emotional and physical transformation, through a systematic approach to rehabilitation & holistic health.

From physical health and optimal posture, to overcoming challenges with your lifestyle, Injury, sports or business, we’ll set you on the path to living your dream life.

How the program works

Whether your challenge is physical, emotional or both, I want you to know you’re not broken. Pain is simply the body letting you know you’ve reached a limitation; one we can overcome together.

Assessment & understanding

Using the CHEK Institutes unique and leading edge holistic system to assess and treat the whole person not just the symptoms, I will use a comprehensive body & lifestyle assessment to identify the root causes of your challenges and help you understand what causes the pain or discomfort, and what to do about it.

Practice & healing

From here, we will create an achievable progressive rehabilitation & healing program that teaches you how to move  and create a lifestyle, that will make you more resilient & stronger so that you can meet the demands of your chosen life with more efficiency and ease.

Maintenance,  longterm support and advanced training.

After you’ve completed one of the specialised rehabilitation & healing programs there will be an option to continue working together on a personal training rate basis which is a more economical investment than the more specialised packages.

Who can benefit from FoundationYou?

My services are suitable for everyone if you are willing to change and put in the work required.

Whether you’re an athlete with aches and pains, or simply someone looking to become more active, confident, and happy with your life and body.

Available online and in-person, I can work with you from my clinic in Mangawhai or in the comfort of your own home

Massage therapy & Myofascial Release in Mangawhai.

Myofascial Release/Acute Care & Deep Tissue Massage

Myofascial Release is an effective hands-on treatment that involves applying gentle sustained pressure and slow stretching movement into the myofascial connective tissue to relieve pain and tension, improve posture and to balance the whole body system.


The benefits of myofascial release work are:

  • Decreases overall tension in the body
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Decreases pain
  • Increases range of motion & mobility
  • Helps break old structural holding patterns
  • Lengthens chronically shortened muscles
  • Relieves stress & compression on joints
  • Releases emotional tension

I work from my clinic on Tara road Mangawhai and can offer in house treatments around Mangawhai area on request with an additional call out fee.





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