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Foundation You Holistic Essentials 12 Week Online Coaching Programme

Foundation You Holistic Essentials Enrollment is open now! The Coaching Program will begin January 10th 2022 – Spaces are limited to 15 clients.

Foundation You is where your journey to holistic health and wellbeing begins.

If you are reading this you are probably feeling the need to create some change in your life. Like the life you are living is not quite the one you know is possible for you. You may also be feeling physical pain/imbalance or dissatisfaction in one or more areas of your life, and have tried several approaches to help, with nothing bringing you the results you desire.

You might be at a point where the discomfort of staying in this space has outweighed that of making the solid choice to shift things.

If you are like me, you want to understand how the body and mind work, and you also have a strong desire to create a life full of true health, wellness and satisfaction from contributing your gifts to the world.

Upon your journey you may have realised there is more to change than generic one size fits all exercise, nutrition or lifestyle programmes. However, you likely haven’t quite found the right support to uncover what works for you personally. The truth is we are all unqiue and need to be met as such. One size fits all approaches do not tend to offer the change people truly want.

If you can resonate with this, you’re in the right place.


I’m Martin, founder of Foundation You.

15 years ago I was in a rough emotional state, playing video games, feeling unguided, unfit, without a connected community of friends and really having no clue where to start with creating a life that I felt happy to wake up for.

I feel so grateful that in the past decade I encountered the fields of mind/body connection, movement and health. I practiced, studied and worked with some of the best therapists and educators in these realms, and these deep explorations have supported me to totally shift my physical, mental and emotional health. While also gifting me the sense of purpose I feel today.

Out of all the “approaches” I have studied and explored, the ones which have been the most supportive for myself and the 100s of clients I have worked with, are the ones which use a tailored approach, meeting a person where they are.

So, what is the Foundation You Holistic Essentials approach?

The Foundation You Holistic Essentials 12 week coaching programme is a culmination of the most effective modalities, knowledge and wisdom I have learned over the years, drawing strongly from my training with the CHEK institute.

I have a strong focus on movement and correcting postural imbalances through exercise and lifestyle optimisation. Through my work with many individuals who have come to me asking me to “fix” their pain, I without a doubt see that this approach does not work. The same goes for any emotional/mental pain.

My approach is to empower individuals to shift the things in their life they need to so the pain shifts with it. If you have been living with physical pain and have not found a way to heal, this coaching programme could be a really powerful and supportive one for you.


I have designed this programme in a way that it meets you WHERE YOU ARE.

The way this programme works is:




1. We will create a vision for our time together to see what it is you are curious about, where you are seeking more health or integration in your life and what your dreams are.

2. You will receive a comprehensive posture, movement and lifestyle assessment to identify where you are currently and the areas of your life which need attention. This approach always considers the WHOLE person, and does not isolate parts.

3. From here we will create an exercise, lifestyle and learning programme which acts as a personal road map to take you to where you want to be.

Here’s what you’ll have access to in the programme

12 Weeks of One on One Coaching (via Zoom)

I will be on your team for 12 weeks, supporting you as you implement your personalised prorgamme and available to answer any questions! ($1500 value)

Posture & Lifestyle Assessment & Personalised Programme

You will receive a comprehensive posture and lifestyle assessment to identify any imbalances in your life, followed by a personalised programme which addresses these  ($297 value)

Bi-weekly Group Coaching Q&A Calls

Every second week of the 12 weeks we will meet as a tribe of like minded people to ask questions and learn my favourite practices to add on top of the habits and exercises in your programme. First group call will be held in the second week of our time together.
($597 value)

Online Educational Resources & Reading List

Get access to online webinars & workshops to dive deeper into the topics that interest you the most and get access to my personal book list. ($197 value)

Client Login For Personal Training & Lifestyle App

Enjoy access to PT Enhance software – a platform with a clear structure for you to access your tailored programme which will be updated as you go. As well as many other valuable resources to support your journey.

– Track your progress, stay accountable, have direct communication with me, video tutorials & questionnaires included. ($97 value)

This coaching programme is for you if:



This coaching programme isn’t for you if:

Do I have to have any form of equipment?

You don’t have to have any equipment. I can design a 100% body weight based programme. However, depending on your goals or the sports you play, I might suggest investing into specific tools or finding a location that offers the right equipment.

What does the programme include?

I will create a program through an app called PT enhance. You will have a members login. The program consists of exercises, stretches, mobilisation as well as specific practices to support your lifestyle & goals eg. meditation, breathwork and journaling.

Are there payment plans available?

yes there are you will be directed to the checkout when you press the purchase now button

Is this a form of therapy?

I am not a registered therapist or Counselor.

My training is in Holistic Coaching and different forms of Manual and Movement Therapy.

I have experience working with different forms of challenges on an emotional and physical level. And I can offer strategies from my own journey of dealing with trauma, addiction and mental health.

If you struggle with more severe or medically diagnosed mental health or trauma, please consult with a medical professional prior to applying for this programme. This programme is not a substitute for therapy or counselling.

Is it possible to work in person?

This Program is designed to be facilitated online. Please make sure that you have the technical requirements to run zoom and have a good quality webcam & Internet connection.

How is this different to physiotherapy or personal training?

Glad that you ask!

I work in a multi disciplinary holistic approach:

– I will do a physical/movement assessment
– we will assess your lifestyle & stress levels
– we will have a look at current challenges that present itself.
-we will have a look at your relationship to yourself and others
– we will adress limiting believes and other mindset related challenges
– we will also have a look at your ability to regulate your emotions and to communicate.

I work with the whole human and not just the symptoms.

Programme Launch Discount

Join the Foundation You 12 Week Programme for just $1597 today! Save $400
 Launch release discount ends December 20th 2021 – full price $1997

Ready to get started?

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What my clients are saying

I have had the pleasure of working with Martin on two different occasions when my body was out of alignment and causing me pain.

His knowledge of physical anatomy and postural integrity is profound.

The movement programme he created for me was clear, concise and accessible.

After working with a physio and not seeing the results I wanted, working with Martin was refreshing and allowed the window for recovery to open.

I highly recommend Martin’s offerings.

Dave Wylie, Kerikeri, NZ

Martin goes over and above
the normal way of teaching yoga.

He includes other areas of movement, physiological treatments, breathwork, mindset & even nutrition supportSo often I receive new insight into what is really healthy for my body and mind, and for my personal development. Over time I have found more inner focus, awereness and am kinder to myself.

Thank you Martin for the protected space you always create in your sessions.

Bianca Geirhos ,Germany

I am excited to be doing a 12 week movement course with Martin.

It is fantastic how he creates a whole new level of body awareness with simple yet effective tools.

It helps me to feel where my body is out of alignment and I am then able to use the tools that Martin teaches to resolve them.

I can highly recommend working with Martin, especially if you are a sports person.

Thank you for this great opportunity to train with you.

Sophia Fingerhut, Horse-trainer& Special Needs Specialist, Iceland

Programme Launch Discount

Join the Foundation You 12 Week Programme for just $1597 today! Save $400
 Launch release discount ends December 20th 2021 – full price $1997