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Chiropractic Services in Mangawhai, New Zealand

Chiropractic care is well-known for its primary focus on spinal health and pain relief. At Foundation You, we recognize the value of chiropractic care while emphasizing a holistic approach that extends beyond the spine to address the body, mind, and lifestyle. In this article, we’ll explain how our Chek Practitioner Services complement chiropractic care to provide a comprehensive, body-mind approach that fosters well-being and helps clients achieve their health and wellness goals in Mangawhai, New Zealand.

Holistic Lifestyle & Posture Correction
Personal Training

How Chek Practitioner Services Complement Chiropractic Care:

Our Chek Practitioner Services are designed to complement chiropractic care, recognizing the intricate connection between the body and the mind. While chiropractic care addresses spinal health and pain relief, our approach is all-encompassing, focusing on the overall well-being of our clients. We work collaboratively with chiropractors to provide clients with a holistic assessment, helping them address their issues’ symptoms and root causes. Our goal is to empower individuals to take control of their health and lead fulfilling lives beyond the scope of spinal care.

Benefits of Choosing Chek Practitioner Services:

Our holistic assessment and corrective exercise programs set us apart in Mangawhai, New Zealand. We believe in addressing the root causes of pain and discomfort, not just masking the symptoms. Our approach is about supporting our clients on their journey to heal, excel, and lead fulfilling lives. Our commitment to your physical and mental well-being ensures you receive the comprehensive care you deserve. We don’t just want to relieve your pain; we want to see you thrive.


“Martin is incredibly skilled at what he does! He offers far more than just “personal training”. He carefully constructs a programme that is just right for where you are at. After working with Martin on a programme tailored just for me, I felt stronger, had better posture and far less pain. Highly recommend!” – Samantha

Golf-Specific Benefits:

Golfers in Mangawhai can also benefit from our comprehensive approach, enhancing their spinal health, minimizing injury risks, and optimizing their golf performance. Our Chek Practitioner Services are not limited to one aspect of care; we look at the entire picture of well-being, ensuring that golfers can enjoy their game to the fullest.

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